Saturday, June 29, 2019

Create a 'Show Message' Action on 'Edit' Event with a Workflow


Create a 'Show Message' action on 'Edit' event only in a Workflow

A use case for this is when a user wants to add a pop up message on record edit only on a Workflow that captures multiple events(e.g. create, edit, etc.).

Note: The 'Show Message' action runs on create and edit by default. It does not have a field to specify if it should run on only create or edit.

A solution would be to create a new Workflow that only contains the 'Show Message' action and to have the main Workflow call an 'Initiate Workflow' action instead.

1. Create a new Workflow with the following settings:

1.a. Workflow Summary

1.b. Workflow Action

2. Create an 'Initiate Workflow' action to call the new Workflow in Step 1 on the main Workflow


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