Monday, June 10, 2019

Create a Subscription with Pending Status

Follow steps 1-5 of the article Recurring Billing - Steps by step process on how to generate newSubscription (Answer ID 28287)

Below are the steps to enter the Sales Order :

a. Navigate to Transactions> Sales > Enter Sales Orders

b. Select CustomForm = Standard Sales Order

c. Enter Customer

d. Populate other mandatory fields

f. Under Itemstab > enter subscription item

g. Set Rate/Amount

h. Check the box under the Configure column

i. In the Configuratorwindow, set the following:

-SubscriptionStart Type




-StartDate.  Set this to a future date.


j. Save

k. Add

l. In the SalesOrder page, click the Savebutton

m. Click the Approvebutton.

Created subscription will have a Pending Status.  You maymodify the subscription start date of the subscription as long as it is stillin Pending status.  Please see theSuiteAnswers article Modifying the StartDate of a Subscription (Answer Id:32046)

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