Saturday, June 8, 2019

CSV Import to update Asset Account on Item record > Error: Invalid assetaccount reference key xxx.

There are 3 options to set a value on the Asset Account field:

I. Use the Internal ID of the Account

-On the Field Mapping page, map the Asset Account field, click on the pencil icon and set Choose Reference Type to Internal ID.


II. Use the Account Name

-On the CSV file, the Asset Account should have the same format reflected in NetSuite.

1. Navigate to Lists > Accounting > Items

2. Click Edit on any Item record

3. Accounting subtab > enter the account on the Asset Account field > copy the format on the CSV file

Format used is as follows:

a. Account Number is not enabled:

            Parent Account

b. Account Number is enabled:

Number Parent Account

c. Account Number is not enabled and there is a Child Account:

            Parent Account : Child Account

d. Account Number is enabled and there is a Child Account:

            Number Parent Account : Child Account


III. Set a Default Value for the Asset Account

-This option is feasible if the same Asset Account is to be set on all the Item records.

-On the Field Mapping page, select Asset Account under NetSuite Fields, click on the pencil icon and set the Asset Account on the Provide Default Value field.

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