Sunday, June 23, 2019

CSV Imports > Track Time > Error: Invalid payrollitem reference key xx for employee xx

To fix the error:
1) Verify that the Payroll Item is valid and active.
    -Navigate to Lists > Employees > Payroll Items
    -Mark Show Inactives check box to include inactive payroll items on the list
    -Locate the payroll item using the Internal ID or the Payroll Item Name.
    -If payroll item is inactive choose a replacement or unmark the Inactive box if the payroll item should still be active
    -If payroll item is not on the list choose a replacement or create a new one. 
    -Update the csv file with the correct internal id.

2) Check if the payroll item is associated with the Employee record
    -Navigate to Lists > Employees > Employees
    -Click View on the Employee record
    -Navigate to Payroll tab
    -Check if the payroll item is setup under the Earnings, Taxes, Deductions, Company Contributions, or Accrued Time subtab.
    -Update the employee record with the payroll item if needed.
3) Re-import the csv file.

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