Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Custom Document Field on Transaction or Entity Record

The steps to describe how a user can set Custom Field of Document type to link to external URL document.
It is possible to add the Document type field to Transaction or Entity records. The example shows how the field can be added on Transaction Record, however it can also be added on Entity records analogically.

Document Type Custom Field on Transaction Record
  1. Create the new Custom Field
    • Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Transaction Body Fields > New
    • Label: e.g. "Linked Document"
    • Type set to Document
    • Applies To subtab > check e.g. "Purchase"
    • Display subtab > set Subtab e.g. to "Main"
    • Click Save
  2. Customize Transaction Form (to make sure that the new field is set to be displayed)
    • Navigate to Transactions > Purchases/Vendors > Enter Purchase Orders
    • Navigate to Customize > Customize Form under the main tabs
    • Review Screen Fields subtab > Main subtab and make sure that the Show checkbox is turned on for the new field. If not, check the field and click Save
  3. Setting the Custom Field value
    • Navigate to Transactions > Purchases/Vendors > Enter Purchase Orders
    • Click the circle button for the custom document field
      • Click List to select any document from the File Cabinet or
      • Click New to upload a document from the PC or link to external URL
    • Fill the rest of the mandatory fields and Save the record

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