Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Customize the Price List to Print the Base Price

This is an alternate Solution for Enhancement 273947  - Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms > Price List > Columns > Please add a standard fieldfor item base price . 

Steps to customize the price list to print the base price:

 1. Create a custom field on the subsidiary record to assign a customercredit limit

- Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields >  Item Fields > New

- Set the following:

     • Label: Base Price (custom)

     • Type: Currency

     • Store Value: T (This has to be marked since auto-sourcedfields cannot be added to the price list form)

- Under Applies To tab,mark the following boxes:

     • Inventory Item (and/or otheritem types you sell)

     • Print on Price List

- Save

* This field can then be added to the PriceList form.

2. Copy the actual base price to the custom field. You canmanually enter the base price to the custom item field or do a mass update.Here let's mass update instead:

- Navigate to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates

- Click General Updates

- Click Inventory Items

- Under Mass Update fieldstab, mark the 'Base Price (custom)' box (the one created earlier)

- Enter {price}in the Formula column field (This represents the base price)

- Preview (Untickitems you do not need to update)

- Click PerformUpdate

* This should populate the custom item field onall inventory item record with the base price.

3. Add the 'Base Price (custom)' to your Price List form

- Navigate to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms

- Edit the PreferredPrice List form

- Under the Columnssubtab, make sure that the 'Base Price (custom)' is checkedon the Print/Email column box.

4. Print the Price list

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