Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Customize then Print the G/L Impact page


        Customizing the GL Impact page is currently filedas Enhancement#88496.


Alternate Solution:

Customize the General Ledger Report to looklike the GL Impact page

1.   Navigate to Reports > Financial > GeneralLedger > Customize

2.   Edit Columns tab:

a.    Move the Transaction Type column to theextreme left

Mark Group = True

b.   Move the DocumentNumber below the Transaction Type column

Mark Group With Previous Column =True

c.    Move the Date column on the right side ofthese two columns

d.   Add/remove columns as needed

3.   Filters tab:

a.    Add the Document Number field from the Transactionfolder

Enter the documentnumber in that field

Mark Show in Filter Region = True

4.   Rename then hit Save or Preview the report

5.   Use the Print button to print the report

a.    Change the printing preference to Landscape (usingthe browser's Print feature) as needed

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