Monday, June 10, 2019

CyberSource Reason Code 102 due to invalid field (P/N Ref.) in Refund transaction

This type of error will appear when the actual capture was done more than 60 days ago. Refunds should be done in NetSuite within 60 days from the time Capture Request was accepted.

Refunds can be done at a wider time range (within 6 months) through the CyberSource Business Center.

1. Process the Credit Card Refund through CyberSource Business Center.
2. Record in NetSuite by marking the Credit Card Approved box on the Cash Refund transaction.

Note: You can also process the Credit Card Refund in NetSuite but this would require you to remove the P/N Ref. on the Cash Refund. This will no longer be linked to the original transaction.

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