Sunday, June 16, 2019

Delete Vendor (Customer) Record > This record cannot be deleted because it has dependent records


·        Navigateto Lists > Relationships > Vendors

·        Editthe vendor record

·        Clickon More Actions > Delete

·        Notice: This recordcannot be deleted because it has dependent records

·        Clicklink to view the Dependent Records

·        Error:Anunexpected error has occurred


·        Editvendor record

·        Saveusing Standard Vendor Form

·        Notice: This recordmay have duplicates

·        NetSuiteprovides number of duplicate vendor records in the prompt.


·        Inthe Global Search field, enter vendor name, NetSuite provided only oneresult.


To resolve:

·        Copy-pastethe email of the vendor in the Global Search field

o  NetSuitewill provide the duplicate records.

o  Vendoremail is the cause of the issue


·        Deleteany transactions for the vendor found under the Financial tab > Transactionssub tab of the vendor record

·        Editthe vendor record

·        Removethe value for email field

·        Hit Save

·        Editthe vendor record again

·        ClickMore Actions

·        HitDelete


This may also applyto other entity records like customer or employee records.

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