Sunday, June 9, 2019

Disable Create Planned Time Entries checkbox by default on New Project Records

This is an alternate Solution for Enhancement 190262 - Lists > Relationships > Projects / Jobs > New > Info tab > Please allow to set default value for "Create Planned Time Entries" check box

There's currently no setting that controls this yet.

Steps to disable Create Planned Time Entries on newly created projects
1. Create a Workflow to change values

- Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New
- Provide Name "Disable Create Planned Time Entries on New Projects"
- Set Record Type = Project
- Set Execute as Admin = T
- Set Release Status = Released/Testing

* Under Initiation, set ' Event Based' = T

* Under Event Definition, set the following

a. On Create = T
b. Trigger Type = Before Record Load
c. Event Type = Create and Edit
- Click on Save
2. Create State

- Click on the New State button
- Provide Name "Disable Check box"
- Hit Save
3. Create Action

- Click on the State created
- Click on New Action button
- Click on Set Field Value
- Set Trigger On = Entry
- Set Event Type = Create 

* On the Parameters section:

- Set Field = Create Planned Time Entries
- Select the Static Value radio button
- Leave 'Checked' box disabled
- Click on Save

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