Friday, June 28, 2019

Display the Total Kit Item Cost via Custom Field based from Summary Saved Search

Scenario: User would like to display the total Item Defined Cost of Component Items based on their Quantity on the Kit/Package item record.


Kit/Package Item ABC has two Component items:

         Inventory Item ABC
            Quantity = 3

         Inventory Item DEF
            Quantity = 1

         Inventory Item ABC has Item Defined Cost of 10.00

         Inventory Item DEF has Item Defined Cost of 20.00

         Given the data above, the Total Item Cost should be 50.00 with the following computation:

10.00 x 3 = 30.00
20.00 x 1 = 20.00

30.00 x 20.00 = 50.00

Here are the steps to display the total Kit Item Cost on a custom field by summary search:

A.    Create an item saved search

a.     Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New

b.    Enter Search Title

c.     In Criteria tab, add the following filters:

                                          i.    Type is Kit/Package

d.    In Results tab, add the following fields:

                                          i.    Formula (Currency)

-       Set Summary Type = Sum

-       Set Formula = {memberitem.costestimate}*{memberquantity}

*Where in cost estimate is based on the Cost Estimate Type set in the Item Record

e.    In Available Filters tab, add the field:

                                          i.    Internal ID (Show in Filter Region= T)

f.      Click Save & Run.


B.     Create a custom Item field

a.     Navigate to CustomizationLists, Records, & Fields  > Item Fields > New

b.    Enter Label

c.     Set Type = Currency.

d.    Deselect Store Value.

e.    In Applies To tab, select Kit/Package.

f.      In Display tab > Subtab field, select Main.

g.    In Validation & Defaulting tab, select the Search created in A.

h.    Click Save & Apply to Forms.

i.      Select the forms you would like to display the field to.

j.      Click Save.

View your Kit/Package Item ABC.

There should now be a custom field with the value: 50.00 computing the total Kit Item Cost based on its Components' Item Defined Cost by Quantity.

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