Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Identify System Inactivated Tax Groups

As per Answer ID 35342:

There are two tax groups having the same City/District and zip codes in the Tax Groups page. The two tax groups are system generated as indicated of having negative Internal ID's. Users should also observe that one of the Tax Groups is inactive.

The duplicate Tax Group is caused by updating tax rates through the Use State Sales Tax Tables page. Whenever we upload Sales Tax Tables, it updates the Tax Codes to its most recent rates. If the update in Tax Group involves only changes in Tax Codes Rates, then the system just overwrites the old Tax Codes in the Tax Group. However, if the changes in the Tax Group involve either a replacement of Tax Code or there will be an additional Tax Code, then the system will create a replacement Tax Group and inactivate the old one.


In cases where users has its own Inactive Tax Groups and wishes to make them active, here are the steps to identify which Tax Codes are inactivated by the system:


1. Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Tax Groups

2. Mark Show Inactive on the lower left side of the page

3. Ensure no Tax Group is marked Inactive

4. Click on Submit.

5. Re-import the State Tax tables


-       Go to Setup > Accounting > Taxes > Use State Sales Tax Tables.

-       In the State dropdown list of the State Tax Import page, select a state   .

-       Select a tax agency and account for each type of tax.

-       If no Changes then Click on Save.


Note: Going back to Setup > Accounting > Tax Groups, manually inactivated Tax groups will remain active while the system inactivated Tax Groups will be inactive again after re-importing Tax Tables.

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