Sunday, June 16, 2019

Issue a Credit Memo Linked to an Invoice Without Impact to Inventory

Duration: 3 minutes

ForCredit Memo that is linked to an Invoice and to credit the amount only 
but not impact inventory: 

1. Set up an Other Charge for Sale Item then in the Accounting tab>
  Income Account (select the account to which user willcharge the credit)
 e.g. 4000 Sales 
2. Open an Invoice (with Inventory Item) > click on Credit button 
3. On the Items tab > Items subtab>  click on Clear All Lines to remove
 the inventory items and enter the newly created "Other Charge forSale" item
 in step 1.
4. Enter the Rate then click Add 

5. Clickon Apply subtab 
6. Set the Amount of the Credit on the Payment fieldnext to the Invoice 
it will be applied to
7. Click Save 

GL Impactwill decrease the Sales and Accounts Receivable account  but will notimpact inventory. 
Credit Memo will also be applied and linked to the Invoice selected.


Note:The ability to create a credit memo and associate it with an amount instead of an item iscurrently being tracked by Enhancement 81003.

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