Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) portlet > Bank Balance is zero


·        Navigate to Home > Dashboard

·        Add Bank Balance in the KPI portlet

·        Bank balance is zero in theCurrent and Previous columns.



·        The source of the amounts pulled upin the Key Performance Indicator portlet for Bank Balance is the bankaccount entered under Home > Set Preferences > Analytics tab> Default Bank Account field



To check why the BankBalance has zero amount under the Current and Previouscolumns:

1.    Verify that thevalue of that field is not null

2.    Verify that thecorrect bank account is enteredunder that Default Bank Account field

3.    Verify that thereare actual transactions posted to that bank account under the Default BankAccount field in the periods that are being compared in the KeyPerformance Indicator portlet

a.     Check Lists > Accounting > Accounts >click on Bank account name to viewthe Bank Account register and setthe date range > hit Refresh or

b.    Navigate to Reports > Banking/Budgeting > BankRegister > set the date range > hit Refresh

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