Thursday, June 13, 2019

Merging an Account does not carry over the Budget to the new Account

Once a user merges an Account to another GL Account, (i.e., merge Account A to Account B), the Budget for Account A will not be carried over to Account B. The Budget for Account A is removed from the system. Thus, it may be necessary for the user to re-create the budget of the newly merged account.


Account A will be merged to Account B.

Prior to merging, Account A has a Budget Amount of 100; Account B has a Budget of 200.

After Account A has been merged into Account B, the Budget of Account will B will still be 200 and not 300.

The Budget of 100 that was previously assigned to Account A will be removed NetSuite.


1. On Merging Accounts, please refer to Answer Id: 7702.

2. To view the Budget Page, users can navigate to Transactions > Financial > Set Up Budgets > List.


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