Friday, June 28, 2019

ODBC Error: Could not find any column information for table:Customers.[10131] even the role being used is Administrator or Full Access

Problem: The user is querying a table exposed via ODBC but he/she's getting the following error:

Could not find any column information for table:Customers.[10131]

Same error still occurs even if the role being used is Full Access or Administrator. This does not happen when performing a query to the other tables.

He/she could also be simply viewing the schema but nothing is being returned.

Solution: The user must check his existing Custom Records and Custom Lists to see if there's one entry with the same name. For example, if the user is trying it on the 'Customers' table, he must go to the following paths to check for existing custom records or custom lists with the name 'Customers'.

a. Setup > Customization > Custom Records
b. Setup > Customization > Custom Lists

If there's an existing one with the same name, the user has to modify its name in order to avoid the conflict in calling the tables. In the given example, user can use prefixes or add a distinction to the existing record type/list just for the names to appear different in the schema. (e.g. '_Customers', 'Customer List', 'Customer Records')

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