Thursday, June 20, 2019

Opt In Confirmation Email uses the Website logo instead of Company Logo

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Navigate to Setup > Company > Company Information and set Company Logo (Forms) = ie. logo1
2. Navigate to Setup > Site Builder > Set Up Web Site > edit and in the Appearance tab set Web Site Logo = ie. logo 2
3. Navigate to Lists > Mass Update > Mass Updates > Marketing > Send Subscription Message to Customers and set Opt-In Confirmation = T
4. Click Preview and then click Perform Update

Actual Result:
The logo on the subscription message shows logo 2

Expected Result:
The logo on the subscription message shows logo 1 (Company Logo)

By default, if you have a Web Site logo this will be the logo that the system will use in sending Subscription Emails. We have an Enhancement filed for the ability to have the Company logo used as the logo when sending Subscription Emails even though they have a Web Site logo, Enhancement 153007.

As Alternate Solution users can perform a bulk merge. Users will first need to create the target group and email template. The email template will consist of the Company Logo and a short message asking clients if they wish to receive emails from the company. The template will be created in a way that it will include a subscription footer

Please see below for detailed steps

I. Create a Saved Search

    a. Navigate to Reports > New Search

    b.  Choose what type of Search (Customer or Contact)

    c. Add a criteria that will narrow down the result to the target recipient, ie. Global Subscription Status = Soft Opt In

II. Create a Group

    a. Navigate to Lists > Relationships > Groups > New

    b. Choose Dynamic

    c. Select the type (Customer or Contact)

    d. Name the Group

    e. Choose the Saved Search that was created in the Saved Search Field

    f. Save

III. Create the Email Template

    a. Navigate to Documents > Templates > Email > New

    b. Choose Text Editor

    c. Add the Company Logo (using img scr)

    d. Enter a short message asking customers if they wish to continue receiving emails from the company

    e. In the Marketing subtab, set Add Unsubscribe Footer to Messages Footer in Bulk Merges = T

    f. Click Save

IV. Perform Bulk Merge

    a. Navigate to Documents > Mail Merge > Bulk Merge

    b. Click Email

    c. Set Group Type = Customer or Contact

    d. Choose the Group created

    e. Under Message subtab > Insert the template created in step 3 in the Template field

    f. Click Merge & Send

With the email that the customer will receive, there will be a subscription link from the footer which they can click and confirm their Opt In status.

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