Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Pull up the Asset Register Report with Net Book Value which matches the Asset record's Net Book Value

Scenario: Customer tries to pull up the Asset Register Report and it shows a different Net Book Value as compared to the Asset record's Net Book Value even though the dates entered in the Period Start Date and Period End Date fields were properly set.


Recommendation: Verify if there is an Acquisition or Depreciation History record found under the Depreciation History tab of the Asset record.


- Open the Asset record.

- Click on Depreciation History tab.

- Click on Edit on any Depreciation History record.

- Click on List on the top left corner, right next to FAM - Depreciation History.

- Click on New button.

- Select the Asset.

- Select the Subsidiary as necessary.

- Enter the Quantity.

- Select Acquisition or Depreciation in the Transaction Type field as appropriate.

- Enter the Transaction Amount (make sure it matches the asset record).

- Hit Save.

- Re-run the report and the Net Book Value will be the same as of the Asset record.



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