Sunday, June 9, 2019

Recurring Billing | Default in the Transaction Type field of a Subscription Billing Sales Order

The standard Subscription Billing – Sales Order form is a hybrid type of form which means that it can be billed either as a Cash Sale or Invoice.

1. If a default credit card is set in the customer record (Financial tab > Credit Cards subtab > Default Credit Card is checked), then the details of that credit card automatically populate in the sales order when the customer is selected.

Transaction Type field in the sales order will default to Cash Sale but is still selectable.

User may still override the default and select Invoice as the Transaction Type when entering the sales order.

2. If no credit card defaulted in the sales order, Transaction Type will default to Invoice.

Transaction Type field will be grayed out.

To change the Transaction Type to Cash Sale, go to the Billing tab and select a Payment Method. To set it back to Invoice, unset the Payment Method.

3. Once the sales order is approved and the subscription is generated, the Transaction Type can no longer be changed. If user tries to change it, user will get a Notice that "Transaction Type must be consistent with that of the original Subscription."


4. The Billing Transaction field in the created subscription is no longer editable.


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