Saturday, June 29, 2019

Reference Implementations: Uncaught Error: Template xxxx is not Present in the Template Hash

When the user sees a blank page on their reference implementations and see the following error: Uncaught Error: Template xxxx is not present in the template hash, they can fix it by doing the following:

1. Navigate to Documents > Files > File Cabinet > location of Reference Implementation (for ex. If the error is occurring in the Reference Checkout login page, navigate to Custom Checkout folder) > templates and look for the template containing the name xxxx without _tmpl suffix. For example, if the error is showing custom_message_tmpl, search for the custom_message text file.

2. Edit the file record and add the following in the Tags field:
Name of file minus .txt plus _tmpl

For example, if the template name is custom_message.txt, the Tags field value would be custom_message_tmpl
Save the file

*Note: if the Tags field is not showing up, navigate to the folder the file is in and set the Type to SuiteCommerce Advanced Site Template > Save

3. Visit the web site and verify if the error is still reproducible (The user might have to clear the browser cache/restart browser)

*Note: The other template files also contain these tags as it is required for the application

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