Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Report that shows computation of Gross Profit for Drop Ship Transactions

Report that shows computation of gross profit for Drop Ship Transaction will help to understand if this type of transactions are making profit. However, this report is currently not available and logged under Enhancement 59387 : Reports > Profitability report on sales transactions for Drop Ship Transactions.

However, a saved search can be customized to show profitability of Drop Ship Transactions. The steps are as follows:
- Navigate to List > Management > Saved Searches > New > Transaction
- Under the Criteria subtab:
    - Filter : Type | Description : is any of Sales Order, Bill
    - Filter : Item Fields... > Drop Ship Item | Description | is true
    - Filter : Applying Transaction Fields... > Type | Description : is Purchase Order
- Under the Results subtab:
    - Field : Date
    - Field : Type
    - Field : Number | Custom Label : SO Number
    - Field : Applying Transaction | Custom label : PO Number
    - Field : Item
    - Field : Amount | Custom Label : Revenue
    - Field : Applying Transaction fields... > Amount | Function : Absolute Value | Custom Label : Cost
    - Field : Formula (Numeric) | Function : Absolute Value | Formula : {amount} - {applyingtransaction.amount} | Custom Label : Gross Profit
    - Field : Formula (Percent) | Function : Absolute Value | Formula : ({amount} - {applyingtransaction.amount}) / {amount} | Custom Label : GP%

Note: that this only applies when Bills generated from Purchase Orders are of equal amount. Actual costs are based on Bills.


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