Sunday, June 2, 2019

Report to show the Est. Extended Cost, Est. Gross Profit, Est. Gross Profit Percent and other fields for each line item on Invoices and Cash Sales

To create the report follow the steps below:

1.    Navigate to Reports > Sales > Sales by Customer > Customize

2.    Under Edit Columns tab, expand the Sales folder > Item subfolder > Click on Name to display the Item Name

3.    Still on the Sales folder, kindly select or click on Est. Extended Cost (Line), Est. Gross Profit (Line) and Est. Gross Profit Percent (Line) to display them on the results

4.    To display the quantity of the item on the Invoices/Cash Sales, kindly click on Quantity

5.    To display the Unit Price or the Selling price, add a Formula field by clicking on the "Add Formula Field" button.
Set Formula = Ratio x/y

X = Sales

Y = Quantity

6.    Changed the Custom Label of the Formula field to = Selling Price or Unit Price

7.    To display a Grand Total at the bottom of the report for one of the columns, kindly click on the column and mark the checkbox for "Add Grand Total"

8.    To filter the results to show only Invoices and Cash Sales, go to the Filters tab, Expand Sales folder again

9.    On the list, click on Transaction Type to add it as a filter

10.  Select Invoices and Cash Sales on the list

11.  Rename the report

12.  Save

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