Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Restrict a form to a role where Purchase Price and Last Purchase Price Fields are hidden

Ability to hide the Purchase Price and Last Purchase Price fields by permission is not yet available as recorded on Enhancement 43422.

Some users would like to hide these fields as these are information that should not be available to all users. Users may customize an Item Entry form and restrict this form to roles to whom users do not want to see this information. Note that this is per Item type.

To create an Item Entry form and hide the fields:
1. Navigate to Customization > Forms > Entry Forms.
2. Click Edit on your preferred Inventory Part form.
3. Provide a new name for the form on the Name field.
4. Under Fields > Purchasing/Inventory subtab, uncheck the Show checkbox for Purchase Price and Last Purchase Price.
5. Mouse hover to the down arrow beside the Save button and select Save As.

To restrict this form to a role:
1. Navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles.
2. Click Edit for the role that users want to udpate.
3. Under Forms > Item subtab, put a checkmark on the Preferred checkbox for the Inventory Part form created above.
4. Put a checkmark on the Restricted checkbox for the same form.
5. Click Save.

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