Saturday, June 1, 2019

Restrict a Role which Can Add Items in the Item Pricing Tab on the Customer Record

If users would like restrict certain Roles to add Items on the Item Pricing tab on the Customer record follow the steps below:

1. As Administrator navigate to Customization > Forms >  Entry Forms.
2. Click Edit or Customize on the Form that is preferred for the Customer record.
3. Navigate to the Lists tab and then the Financial sub-tab.
4. Uncheck the Item Pricing tab.
5. Click on the Roles tab.
6. Set the Preferred check box for the Role of the employee that users do not want to have this permission.
7. Save.

Note: Users can remove also the Custom Form field from the form. Then users won;t be able to change the form. On the custom Customer Form navigate to Fields > Main > uncheck Custom Form checkbox and Save. 

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