Saturday, June 1, 2019

Revert Sales Order Status to Pending Approval

In order to set a Sales Order back to the status Pending Approval it is required that no Item Fulfillment/Invoice/Cash Sale are attached to the Sales Order. The Sales Order needs to first be set to Pending Fulfillment.
1. Navigate to Related Records or History tab in the Sales Order
2. Click the link to the attached records (Item Fulfillment/Cash Sale/Invoice)
3. Edit
4.  Actions> Select Delete.

Once all of the attached records are deleted and the status is Pending Fulfillment
5. Navigate back to the Sales Order
6. Edit
7. Change the Status field to Pending Approval
8. Save.

The Status of the Sales Order will then be Pending Approval and the process can be completed over again if necessary.


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