Thursday, June 27, 2019

Sales Order by Promotion Report to List All Customers who Availed the Promo and Show the Remaining Promotion Codes Unused

Referring to the Sales Order by Promotion gives a result  showing the total of the approved Sales Orders and Return Authorizations associated with each Promotion Code for the date range set.

To list all the customers who availed the Promo and show the remaining Promotion Codes unused using the Sales Order by Promotion Code:

1. Navigate to Reports > Sales Orders > Sales Orders by Promotion > Customize Summary.

2. At the Report Builder page, Add columns:
a. Bookings Folder > Customer Subfolder > click on Name to add Customer name.
b. Drag the Customer Name column next to Promotion column.
c. While the Customer Name column is highlighted, check the  Group With Previous Column box.

3. Click on Add Formula Field button.
a. Column Label for the Formula column = Remaining Promotion Code.
b. Formula Type = Difference x-y
c. x = Number of Codes
d. y = Number of Used Codes
e. Drag the Remaining Promotion Code Column next to Promotion/Customer column.

4. Change the Name of the report.

5. Click on Save.

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