Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Saved Search in Custom Center Category directs to Edit page of Saved Search and not the Result page


1. Global Search the saved search (E.g. Contact Search).
- Make certain will be directed to "Contact Search: Result"
page (Not Saved Search Edit Mode).

2. Copy the URL Address (E.g.

3. Navigate to Customization > Centers and TabsCenter Links.

4. Enter Label  (E.g. Contact List Link).

5. Paste the URL (Step 2) at URL blank field.

6. Click Save.

7. Navigate back to Customization > Centers and TabsCenter Categories
- Locate "Contact Category"
- Click Edit
- Enter Label (E.g. "Contact List")
- Click Save

8. Sign Out > Clear Cache > Log back in.

9. Navigate to Lists > Contact Category > select Contact List

* This will render the saved search result instead of saved search criteria.

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