Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Search Item Fulfillments that are already billed.

User cannot identify by the Item Fulfillment transaction record if it is already Billed so he can create a saved search that will identify the item fulfillments that are created from a sales order that is already in Billed status. 

1. Navigate to Transactions > Management > Search transactions > Click on Create Saved Searches
2. In the
Criteria tab > Standard subtab > Set the following filters:
  • Type is Item Fulfillment
  • Created From fields...Type is Sales Order
  • Created From fields...Status is Sales Order:Billed
  • Main Line is True
3. In the Results tab > Columns subtab > Enter the following Fields:
  • Document Number
  • Date
  • Created From fields... choose Document Number
  • Created From fields... choose Status
4. In the Available Filters tab > Add filter Date > check on Show in Footer
5. Enter a
Search Title
6. Click
Save & Run.

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