Monday, June 3, 2019

Search Items Fulfilled in a Specific Location and Show the Location Set in the Related Sales Order

The location in the Sales Order may be different from the location in the Item Fulfillment. For example, the Sales Order may be set to Location Y but the Item Fulfillment created in location X. To check:

  1. Navigate to Transactions > Sales > Enter Sales Orders >Search 

  2. In the Criteria tab> Standard subtab:

    • Type is Sales Order

    • Main Line is False

    • Item fields... choose Type is Inventory Item

    • Fulfilling/Receiving Transaction fields… choose Location is Location X

    • Date is within from 11/21/2018 to 11/25/2018
  3. In the Results tab> Columns subtab:

    • Date

    • Number

    • Item

    • Item Fields... choose Description

    • Quantity in Transaction Units

    • Units

    • Location (no hierarchy)

    4. In the Available Filters tab >add Filter choose Date then check on Show in FilterRegion.

    5. Enter a Search Title

    6. Click Save & Run.


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