Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Send an email with a PowerPoint document on the main body

We cannot embed a PowerPoint document to an email in such a way that it will appear as the body of the message. The best approach is to save it to an image format and then imbed it to the email. Here are the steps:

1. Pick the URL for the Image coming from NetSuite File Cabinet.

2. Navigate to Documents > Templates > Marketing Templates > New > Campaign > E.g. Blank (Scriptable).
3. Provide a name for the template
4. Choose Text Editor from the Template tab
5. Switch to Source Editing mode.
6. Use the IMG tag to display the URL of the image from step like in this format:

<a href="websiteaddress.com"><img src="http://www.mydomain.com/image.jpg"/></a>

The <a> tag is to create a link, the website address that you will enter here would be the website address that it would redirect to when the image is clicked.

*You can refer to this URL for the exact syntax of the IMG HTML tag:


7. Once you have your images in the HTML code, you can save the template and use it to send the campaign.

Note: The steps above are for a marketing template. Use an Email template if you want to use bulk merge.

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