Friday, June 7, 2019

Set Default Discount on Customer Record

The feature is not yet available and is currently filed as an enhancement:

Enhancement 158362 - Ability to set a default discount item on customer's record.

The alternate solution would be to create a Term and apply it to the Customer:

- Navigate to Setup > Accounting > Accounting Lists.

- Change Type to Term.

- Click on New.

- Enter a name in Terms.

- Select STANDARD.

- Enter a value in % Discount.

- Leave Days Till Net Due and Days Till Discount Expires blank.

- Click on Save.

- Navigate to the Customer record.

- Edit the record, under Financial tab, select the newly created Term.

- Save the changes.

Moving forward, whenever this customer is selected on a New Payment page, under Apply > Invoices subtab, the Disc. Avail. column will always be populated with a discount amount and Disc. Date field will always be empty.

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