Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sublist View data used in Script

NetSuite offers a "Customize View" feature on each sublist. This allows users to show data in they want to see in a way they want to see. This feature can be also used in SuiteScript.

One of the options is to create a saved search which will be generic (e.g. for all items) and than using this search in script where internal ID of record can be specified as additional filter.

On Item record there is a custom view which shows Bin Number, Inventory Number, On Hand count and Available.
To make it available in SuiteScript it is needed:
1. Create Saved Search to make the data available
2. Create script which processes the data

Note: For detailed information please check Defining a Saved Search

Creating Saved Search:
1. Create a saved search for Item
2. As Results use:
Inventory Number/Bin on Hand : Bin Number,
Inventory Number/Bin on Hand : Inventory Number,
Inventory Number/Bin on Hand : On Hand,
Inventory Number/Bin on Hand : Available

Creating script which processes the data:
Here the search is used with additional filter which specifies the internal ID of record:

var filterID = new nlobjSearchFilter('internalid',null,'is',7);var result = nlapiSearchRecord('lotnumberedinventoryitem','customsearch_peveprek_testing_view');
Processing the search result is generic and described e.g. in Executing Existing Saved Searches.

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