Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Formula Column does not Show on Every Report Column

If a user adds a Formula column to the report and the Column = Month or any other selection, the Formula column might only appear once and will not be part of the per month or any division of columns.

Sample Scenario:

- Navigate to Reports > Sales > Sales by Customer > Customise Summary.
- On the Report Builder > Expand the Sales folder and add in the  Est. Extended Cost (Line).
Add Formula Field:

Percent Difference of X ((x-y)/x)*100
y=Est. Extended Cost (Line)

- Click on Preview.
- Set Date = Custom > From Jan. 1, 2013 To Dec. 31, 2013
- Set Column = Month.
- Click on Refresh.

Result: Formula column is not showing as part of the columns per month but only showed once.


Customize the report again > highlight the Formula column and make sure to mark the Add Grand Total check box. The formula column should now appear per month.

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