Wednesday, June 12, 2019

To Delete Inventory Number Records

Here are some details regarding Inventory Numbers from our SuiteAnswers site (Answer ID: 19232).

The term inventory number refers to a serial number or a lot number. An inventory number record uniquely identifies an item in physical inventory with a serial number, or uniquely identifies a group of items with a lot number. For details about these types of items, see Serial Numbered Items and Lot Numbered Items. This record is available when the Serialized Inventory or Lot Tracking feature is enabled.

Important: You cannot create standalone inventory number records. The system generates these records when a serialized item or lot numbered item is created, based on the serial number or lot number values entered for the item record. See Adding New Serial Numbers to Inventory and Creating Lot Numbered Items. Also, you cannot delete inventory number records.


Here are the suggested resolutions:

I. To remove the item where it was received or to delete Inventory Number's related transactions.
1. Pull up the Inventory Number Record
2. Click Search Transactions
3. Delete all transactions related to it or modify the transactions and remove specific item's serial/lot number.


II. Enter a negative adjustment
1. Navigate to Transactions > Inventory > Adjust Inventory.
2. Set an Adjustment Account and fill in necessary fields.
3. Under Adjustments tab, set the Item; Location; Adjust Qty. By -1, set the serial/lot number to be removed.
4. Click Save.

For more details, visit SuiteAnswers page and search for 'Adjusting Inventory' (Answer ID: 19232).

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