Sunday, June 16, 2019

Transactions Used for Asset Proposal and the Location of the Memo Field Where to Assign the Asset Name

Transactions created for the purpose of generating Asset Records are named Auto Generated Asset after navigating to Fixed Assets > Transactions > Asset Proposal and then clicking Generate Assets button.

Users can assign the Fixed Asset Name and Asset Description through the Memo field of the transaction that will be proposed.

Below are the transactions that can be used for Asset Proposal and the location of the Memo field where can we assign the Asset Name:

1. Vendor Bill : Memo field under the Expenses and Items tab > Expenses sub tab or Items sub tab.

2. Journal Entry : Memo field under the Lines tab and besides the Fixed Asset Account line.

3. Credit Card : Memo field under Expenses & Items tab > Expenses sub tab or Items sub tab

4. Assembly Build : Memo field on the Header part of the Assembly Build

5. Expense Report : Name of the Expense Category plus the Memo under Expenses tab.  Asset Name will have this format > Category : Memo

6. Inventory Adjustment : Memo field under Adjustments tab

7. Inventory Transfer : Memo field on the Header part of the Inventory Transfer record

8. Item Receipt : this will come from the originating Purchase Order > Items tab > Items sub tab > Description field

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