Sunday, June 23, 2019

Update Revenue Recognition Columns on Invoices or Sales Orders via CSV

Here are the steps to do a mass update on the three Revenue Recognition columns of Invoices and Sales Orders namely:
 -Rev. Rec. Schedule
 -Rev. Rec. Start Date
 -Rev. Rec End Date

1) Create a saved search to pull up the invoice/s or sales order/s to be updated
    -Navigate to Lists > Search > Saved Searches > New
    -Choose Transaction as the Search Type
    -Edit Search Title
    -Under the Criteria tab > Standard subtab > add the following filters:
          *Type = is Invoice (Sales Order for Sales Orders)
          *Main Line = is false (to include line items only)
          *Shipping Line = is false (to exclude lines related to Shipment)
          *Tax Line = is false (to exclude lines related to Taxes)
          *Item = particular item to be updated (optional)
    -Under the Results tab > Columns subtab, click Remove All and add the following fields:
          *Rev. Rec Start Date
          *Rev. Rec. End Date
          *Rev. Rec. Schedule... then choose Schedule Name (Rev. Rec. Schedule : Schedule Name)
          *Line ID (this is needed so NetSuite would know which particular line is being updated)
    -Click Save or Preview or Save & Run
    -Export the result by clicking on Export - CSV button then on the exported result, enter the updated values for the three columns for Revenue Recognition as needed.

2) Import the edited exported result:
    -Navigate to Setup > Import/Export > Import CSV Records
    -Import Type = Transactions
    -Record Type = Invoice (Sales Order for Sales Orders)
    -Select file and click Next
    -Data Handling = Update
    -Click Advanced Options = Make sure that the Custom form is set to the correct Invoice form with Revenue Recognition columns.
    -Click Next
    -For the field mapping, map the fields accordingly, example:
             Internal ID = Internal ID (Internal id of the Invoice or Sales Order)
             Item = Items : Item
             Line ID = Items : Order Line
             Rev. Rec. End Date = Items : Rev. Rec. End Date
             Rev. Rec. Start Date = Items : Rev. Rec. Start Date
             Schedule Name = Items : Rev. Rec. Schedule
                  *Map other fields as needed
     -Click Next
     -Enter Import Map Name
     -Click Save & Run

Note: Do a separate import for invoices and sales Orders as CSV Imports allows import of transaction record type one at a time only.

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  1. Hi there, I can't find the rev rec start and end date as columns in the import, whilst these are marked as shown in my invoice form. Do I miss something here?