Sunday, June 2, 2019

Upload Documents into the File Cabinet and Create Link to them in a Solution Record

Putting a file into the File Cabinet

1. Navigate to Documents > Files > File Cabinet.

2. Click on an existing Folder or create a new one using New Folder button and Save it.

3. Click Add File button for the folder created and select the document for uploading.

4. After a while the file appears on the screen. Now click Edit on it.

5. Check AVAILABLE WITHOUT LOGIN checkbox. This step is important so the file would be accessible to anyone with the file's URL.

6. Copy/paste somewhere the URL that is on this screen (e.i. Notepad).

Note: Use the secure URL (i.e. https://....)

7. Click Save.

Create a link in a Solution record:

1. Navigate to Cases > Customer Service > Solutions and click Edit on the Solution record.

2. In Description field > panel of icons > click Insert Link button (if the button is not visible, try to expand this field so it would be wider).

3. In the Insert Link window paste the copied URL into URL field. Populate also Text field – this is the text that is displayed under the link.

4. Click Insert and then Save.

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