Saturday, July 13, 2019

Access Check Number Field of Vendor Payment Record in Workflow

This article is to avoid confusion regarding the check # field in vendor payment and demonstrate how it is accessed in workflow.

The check # field in vendor payment record is different from the check # field in workflow. The check # can be accessed through workflow by using the field 'Ref. no.'.

Example: Setting check # in vendor payment on load

1.  Customization > Workflow > Workflows > New
-Name the workflow
-Set the Record Type field to Transaction
-For subtypes, set it to Vendor Payment
-Set the Release Status field to Released
-Set Initiation to Event Based. Check both On Create and On Update

2. Click the State 1 button.  Name the state.
-Click New Action. 
-Select Set Field Value. 
-Select Set trigger on to Before User Edit
-Set the Field to Ref. no. and select Static Value for the value
-Type in the check # inside Text

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