Friday, July 5, 2019

Accessing the Most Recent Child Record on the Parent Record via SuiteScript

Sometimes there are multiple records attached to a single record. For some instances, we would intend to get the most recently created record.

To get  the most recent custom child record on a parent record via SuiteScript, below is a sample snippet of code.

//gets the number of child records
var lineCount = nlapiGetLineItemCount('recmachcustrecord_issue_child_title');
var recent = 0;
for (i = 1; i <= lineCount; i++)
    //gets the id # of the current selected child record
    temp = nlapiGetLineItemValue('recmachcustrecord_issue_child_title', 'id', i);

    //comparison of values for the id #'s which determines the most recent record
    if (recent < temp)
        recent = temp;
        recent = recent;

//loads the most recent child record in view mode
nlapiSetRedirectURL('RECORD', 'customrecord_issue_record_history', recent);

The above code was used on a user event script deployed on the Issue record.

The parameter 'recmachcustrecord_issue_child_title' is the id of the Title field of the custom child record linked to the parent record.

The parameter 'customrecord_issue_record_history' is the id of the custom child record type.

The above snippet of code gets the most recent child record based on the id # of the child records. The higher the number, the most recent the record is. I then used the most recent id # to load the custom child record in view mode.

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