Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Add Expense Reports with Status of Pending Supervisor Approval in Reminders Portlet

The standard Reminder for Approve Expense Report will show Expense Reports that have Pending Supervisor Approval as well as Pending Accounting Approval status. Users may want to show only Expense Reports that have status of Pending Supervisor Approval and not Pending Accounting Approval.

To resolve this concern, what can be done is create a Saved Search for only Pending Supervisor Approval and make it available in the Reminders. That way when user edits the Reminders, user can remove the standard Expense Report to Approve reminder and add one for the Saved Search that was created.

Such Saved Search can be created with the following steps:

  • Navigate to Reports > New Search.
  • Click on Transaction.
  • Click on Personalize this Search.
  • Within the Criteria tab, remove all Filters and add the following only:
  • Type > is Expense Report.
  • Status > is Expense Report:Pending Supervisor Approval.
  • Main Line > is True.
  • Navigate to the Results tab and add/remove any fields as per preference.
  • Add a field for Type and set the Summary Type to Group.
  • Add a field for Number and set the Summary Type to Count.
  • On the top right, check-mark Available for Reminders.
  • Click Save and Run.
  • Make any additional changes if required.

Note: Now when user goes into the Setup for the Reminders, user can add the Saved Search from the Add Custom Reminders button.

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