Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Add Item on a Sales Transaction: Sales Description and Item Price Do Not Populate

Cannot add an item on a Sales Transaction like Sales Order, Cash Sale or Invoice. The item shows up on the list of items that can be added but when the user clicks on it, the sales description and price do not populate.
When the user clicks the Add button, the item is not added on the line.

1. On the Item record, navigate to the Sales/Pricing tab > Sales description field : there is a backslash or reverse slash "/" character at the end of the sales description.
2. Remove the  backslash or reverse slash "/" character
3. Click  Save 

After removing the  backslash or reverse slash "/"  from the sales description, the user is now able to add the item on a sales transaction. The Sales description and Price automatically populate on the line item.

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