Friday, July 5, 2019

Assigning cases automatically sent to the Inbound Email Address via SuiteScript

When sending emails to the NetSuite Address under Setup > Support > Support Preferences > Inbound Email, a case is automatically created in NetSuite.

Some companies has a different approach in creating cases. In some instances, companies has their support representatives send an email to their customer and CC's the inbound email address. Using SuiteScript, the created case can be attached to the customer using the recipient's email address of the inbound message and have it assigned to the support representative who sent the email.

One can utilize a User Event Script triggered on an After Submit function to achieve this goal.

Below is a sample code:

function afterSubmit(type)
    //only for creation of a case
    if (type == 'create')
        //get the internal id of the created case
        var caseId = nlapiGetRecordId();
        //results column in performed searches below
        var column = new Array();
        column[0] = new nlobjSearchColumn('internalid');
        //search for the inbound email message which is connected to the created case
        var message = nlapiSearchRecord('message', null, [new nlobjSearchFilter('internalid', 'case', 'anyof', caseId)], column);
        //get the internal id of the inbound email message
        var messageId = message[0].getValue(column[0]);
        //get the sender's email address of the inbound email message
        var authorEmail = nlapiLookupField('message', messageId, 'authoremail');
        //get the recipient's email address of the inbound email message
        var recipientEmail = nlapiLookupField('message', messageId, 'recipientemail');
        //search for the employee which has the same sender's email address used in the inbound email message
        var employee = nlapiSearchRecord('employee', null, [new nlobjSearchFilter('email', null, 'is', authorEmail)], column);
        if (employee)
            //assuming that there is a unique email address for each employee
            var employeeId = employee[0].getValue(column[0]);
            //set the value of the 'Assigned To' field on the case record
            nlapiSubmitField('supportcase', caseId, 'assigned', employeeId);
        //search for the customer which has the same recipient's email address used in the inbound email message
        var customer = nlapiSearchRecord('customer', null, [new nlobjSearchFilter('email', null, 'is', recipientEmail)], column);
        if (customer)
            //assuming that there is a unique email address for each customer
            var customerId = customer[0].getValue(column[0]);
            //set the value of the 'Company' and 'Email' field on the case record
            nlapiSubmitField('supportcase', caseId, ['company', 'email'], [customerId, recipientEmail]);

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