Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Automatically Map the fields from the CSV file to the NetSuite fields in CSV Import

If you prefer NetSuite to automatically map the fields on your CSV file to the corresponding NetSuite fields, users should name the fields on the CSV file to the same name in NetSuite.

If the field is on a separate folder, for example for a Leads Only import, there is a separate folder for Lead Address. The header on CSV file should look like the following:

Lead Address 1 : Address 1    
Lead Address 1 : Address 2    
Lead Address 1 : City  
Lead Address 1 : State Province         
Lead Address 1 : Zip   
Lead Address 1 : Country

If users are importing Lead and Contacts Together, the name of the Lead Address folder is slightly different. Please see below:

lead Address 1 : Address 1   
lead Address 1 : Address 2   
lead Address 1 : City 
lead Address 1 : State Province         
lead Address 1 : Zip  
lead Address 1 : Country

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