Monday, July 15, 2019

Create a Search of All Item Group Records that Lists the Highest Priced Component and the Related SalesPrice

In order to pull up the data, a user needs to create an Item Saved Search.  Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to Reports>SavedSearches>All Saved Searches>New

  2. Select Search Type = Item

  3. Navigate to Criteria tab>Standardsubtab>Filter column and add the filter:

    • Type = is Item Group

     4. Navigate to Results tab:

    • Sort By = Name

    • Then By = Base Price

     5. Navigate to Results tab> Columnssubtab> Filter column and add the following:

    • Name | Summary Type: Group

    • Type

    • Member Item

    • Formula(Numeric) | Summary Type: Maximum | Formula:case when {memberitem.price} IS NULL then 0 else {memberitem.price} end CustomLabel: Price

    • Formula(Text) | Summary TypeMaximum Formulamax({})keep (dense_rank last order by (case when {memberitem.price} IS NULL then 0else {memberitem.price} end)) Custom Label: Member Itemwith Highest Sales Price

    6. Hit Save & Run button.

Note: The Sales Price referenced in the Search Results pertain to the Base Price of Member Items.

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