Saturday, July 13, 2019

Create a Search that Displays the Details of Drop Ship Purchase Order transactions and the Shipping Cost Incurred for Billings Made by the Supplier on Shipments Made


In order to pull up the data needed, the user can create a Transaction Saved Search.  Here are the steps in creating the Search:

1. Navigate to Reports > Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New    

2. Select Search Type = Transaction in the list        

3. Enter the desired title for the search under the Search Title field.           

4. Under the Criteria tab, Standard sub tab, set the following filters:          
a. Type = Bill   
b. Formula (Numeric) | Formula: case when {createdfrom.createdfrom} like 'Sales Order%' then 1 else 0 end |Formula (Numeric): equal to | Value = 1

5. Under Results tab, Columns sub tab, set the following fields:

a.Created From Fields…>Date | Summary Type: Group
b.Created From Fields…>Type | Summary Type: Group
c.Created From Fields…>Number | Summary Type: Group
d.Created From Fields…>Main Line Name | Summary Type: Group
e.Created From Fields…>Amount | Summary Type: Sum
f.Item | Summary Type:  Group
g.Formula (Currency) | Summary Type: Sum | Formula: case when {account} like '%6090%' then {amount} else 0 end | Custom Label: Shipping Cost

Note: The expression in the formula: '%6090%' represents the GL account used under the Expenses subtab of the Bill for Shipping Cost.  Replace the information with the Account Name.  Example: If account is 6000 Freight Shipping; you may replace it with '6000%'

6. Hit Save & Run button

Note: The Search may include Special Order Transactions if the user has Drop Shipment and Special Order transactions because the criteria filter pulls up all Purchase Orders created from a Sales Order.


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