Monday, July 8, 2019

Edit the Fade Effect Speed of the 'Reorder This Item' Link In Reference My Account

Applicable to the following version:
Reference My Account 1.04.0

This article will guide users on how to Increase the Speed of the Fading Effect on the Link. 

When a shopper visits the Order History & Returns of the My Account page, a link "Reorder this Item" can be seen on every item record. This is a link for shoppers to be able to add the item(s) to the cart without moving away from the My Account Page.Once the shopper clicks the link, a message "Item successfully added to your cart". This message contains a link to the shopping cart and then disappears for a period of time.

To do this:
1. Copy the OrderHistory.Views.js file from Reference My Account folder to Custom My Account Folder. Refer to the Help Center article "Deploying SSP Application Touch Points" for the steps on how to deploy the Custom Checkout SSP Application
2. Edit OrderHistory.Views.js. Navigate to Document > Files > File Cabinet.Navigate to Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > SSP Applications > NetSuite Inc. - My Account > Custom My Account > js > src > app > modules
3. Edit OrderHistory.Views.js and locate the following code:

The default time set for the fade effect is 6000. Edit the default time according to preferences.

Note: The time is set to milliseconds format.

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