Sunday, July 7, 2019

Export Data From Financial Planning to NetSuite Budgets

You can export directly from Financial Planning to NetSuite Budget. Here are the steps:

1.    NetSuite Account must have the Multiple Budget Categories feature enabled in NetSuite before exporting data into NetSuite Budgets.

2.    Navigate to Financial Planning>Admin>Export and choose Output Target to NetSuite. Kindly note that the data to be exported from Financial Planning will be the version located at the upper right of the screen.

3.    Click on NetSuite Export Category Mapping. Check mapping of Category. You can choose the different categories in the dropdown at the Upper Left of the screen named NetSuite Category. Kindly take note of the following:

a.     The first Column are the Financial Planning Accounts

b.    The next two columns are regarding NetSuite Account

c.     To map kindly choose the Financial Planning Account line then go to the Mapping Details and choose the Financial Planning account on the list of accounts

d.    Data is exported only from GL accounts. Custom accounts, Assumptions, Modeled Accounts, and Cube Accounts are not exportable - NetSuite does not support budgets for anything other than GL accounts. 

e.    Data associated with AP Dimension Values whose Export Mappings are marked as "Ignore During Export" or remain unmapped will not be exported. 

f.      Custom level dimensions are not considered when exporting GL data. Only dimension values which are assigned by the account having splits will be considered. 

g.    Once you have checked the account Mapping we can then proceed with the Export. In the Export Data under the Budget Category Group, choose the budget category that you need to export to from Financial Planning. Budget category where the data will be exported should be created first.

5.    In the fiscal year group kindly choose the Fiscal Year.

6.    Click on Export.

Once the export is complete please check the balances by navigating to Transactions>Financial>Set up Budgets>List. Find the target Budget category and compare balances with the sheets of Financial Planning.

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