Thursday, July 4, 2019

Fixed Assets > Transactions > Asset Split > Error: "The asset record that you are working with has changed recently. Click refresh to get the latest asset record."

When a customer is trying to Split an asset, they cannotrefresh and split the asset. They receive an error "The asset record thatyou are working with has changed recently. Click refresh to get the latestasset record." The error is returned in almost all of the assets they were trying to split.

Note: Upon checking, these assets were uploaded in NetSuiteusing CSV import.

Below are the steps to debug the error:

1. Navigateto Fixed Assets > Lists > Assets.
2. Edit theasset record.
3. On theGeneral tab > set Depreciation Active to either True or False.
4. Click Save

Note: Thisfield must not be null.

If the error is still returned after doing the steps above, check if the asset has an Asset Current Cost. If there is none, then this field should be updated.

When an assetis created manually and the customer did not fill in the Asset Current Cost, thesystem will copy the Asset Original Cost as the asset's current cost. However, whenan asset is created from CSV import, Asset Current Cost is generally populated bythe FAM's UE script.

It is required that these two preferences should be set to True in order to run FAM's UE script on the importedassets:

1. RunServer Scripts on CSV Import (On Fixed Assets > Setup > System Setup)

2. RunServer SuiteScript and Trigger Workflows (On Setup > Import/Export > CSVImport Preferences)

Set the value of the two checkboxes to T when importing assets viaCSV so that it creates a valid asset. The error is caused by incorrect settingof data.

One workaround for this is to edit the assets then set acorrect value on the asset current cost on the asset record.

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