Monday, July 1, 2019

List Case Number Once and Display All Messages Below in Multiple Rows in a Case Saved Search

When creating a Case Saved Search including Messages, the Case Number appears multiple times along with each Message.

To create the list that shows the Case Number once andall it's Messages below it, below are the steps.


1. Navigate to Reports> Saved searches > All saved searches > New.

2. Click Case.

3. Results tab> Columns > click Remove All.

4. Results tab > Columns > Add the following:

-- Number
-- Messages : Message

5. Click Pivot Report.

6. From under SearchFields, drag Number below RowDimensions.

7. From under SearchFields, drag Messages: Message below Columns.

8. Click Save & Run Report.

Sample Actual result:

Case 111...  Message 1
                      Message 2
                      Message 3

Case 222... Message 4

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