Thursday, July 4, 2019

Newly Updated NetSuite Support Menu Routing

The new NetSuite Support Menu Routing Options have been updated.  It is now easier for users to select which phone option to choose when calling for Support or which Product Area/Feature to select when submitting online cases so they can be routed properly to designated support teams.  Below are some of the key enhancements of the tool:

  • Latest products/features released in NetSuite are easier to find 
    The menu has been updated with the latest NetSuite features to properly categorize and route cases to the appropriate Support teams.  'Mobile Devices' can now be selected as a selection on its own under Option # 8 . 'SuiteCommerce Advanced' is also a new submenu under 'SuiteCommerce' (Option # 4), making it separate from 'SiteBuilder (Basic Webstore)'.

  • Terminologies are more aligned with NetSuite implementation and industry references 
    'AR, Fulfillment & Order Processing' is now 'Order to Cash' and 'AP/Procurement Accounting' as 'Procure to Pay'.

  • Shorter list to choose from
    Many related features are grouped together to make it easier for users to categorize their inquiries when submitting online cases.   'Alerts', Publishing Dashboards', 'Key Performance Indicators' and Report Snapshots' are now simply grouped as 'Dashboards & KPIs'.

  • More accessible and dynamic format in HTML
    Switching from PDF to HTML makes the tool much quicker. Introducing updates to the menu will be more efficient and opens up wider possibilities to introduce more dynamic functionality in the near future.  More to come on this!

  • Search capability
    Users can now use the Search box to easily find the option number applicable to their question.

You can access the new NetSuite Support Menu Routing Options here.  You can also access it via the permanent link under the Contact Support by Phone button in SuiteAnswers.

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